The Hotel Hauser and the Restaurant Opatija

Hotel Hauser


Hotel Hauser is located right in the centre of Nuremberg´s old town. Kaspar Hauser´s story is always present due to its location on Unschlittplatz. All other main sights are within easy walking distance: the famous Imperial Castle, the museums of the City of Nuremberg and, during Christmas time, the Christmas Market. And for those looking for a shopping tour, Nuremberg´s shopping streets are just around the corner…
Ideally connected to public transport, it is easy to go on daytrips to the city´s surroundings. Hotel Hauser is the perfect starting point for your leisure or business trip.


Built on Unschlittplatz in 1800 and renovated in 2015, guests at Hotel Hauser will enjoy their stay in a comfortable and historic atmosphere.
Unschlittplatz and its medieval buildings are among the few preserved historic ensembles of the city of Nuremberg. Located on the south bank of the river Pegnitz, together with Unschlitthaus it forms a continuation of the former city wall.

Kasper Hauser


Unschlittplatz became widely known when, on May 26 in 1828, Kaspar Hauser appeared there for the first time and started to talk to two Nuremberg citizens on the corner of building number 8. The fate and origin of the unknown man and his violent death in Ansbach in 1833 caused great interest during his times and have lead to countless investigations and literary works until the present day.
Kaspar Hauser is commemorated not only by a commemorative plate on Unschlittplatz number 8, but also by a street memorial created by artist Sabine Richter. She worked a poem on Kaspar Hauser by the Polish poet Ryszard Krynicki into a 12m long metal strip, built into the pavement at Unschlittplatz, both in German and Polish.
On the northeast side of the square between Mittlerer Kreuzgasse and Unterer Kreuzgasse one of the central squares of this quarter of the city can be found. Located on the bank of the river Pegnitz close to Kettensteg, it has been named Kaspar-Hauser-Platz in 1989.


The longstanding tradition of hospitality and the friendly individuality of the Horka family are combined with all modern comforts and technology. Our hotel offers everything the modern traveller needs, from flatscreen-HD-TV, telephone, private parking to free WIFI.
And for your culinary delights, Restaurant Opatija on the ground floor of the hotel is one of the finest adresses in Nuremberg. For further information please see